November 22, 2017


Yesterday was one of the nicest day for a while. I spent this day with my sister and cousin. It was the first time when I took someone other to my car than my family which was really exciting! But I'm so happy that nothing didn't happen because I like to believe that I'm a good driver. First we went to watch beautiful fireworks to shopping mall and after that we went to eat to Hesburger. I don't like hamburgers so I only took salad and french fries. I know that everyone who reads this must think "You're crazy if you don't eat hamburgers!".  Then we went shopping but I didn't buy anything because I'm trying to save my money to buy christmas presents for my family and friends! After that we went bowling which was really fun and I can't believe that I lost 1 point to my sister! I also had my nails done yesterday for bowling because they were too long after 2 months! Right now I'm having a exam week in my school but I only have 2 exams so I'll think I can manage them somehow!

November 20, 2017

Work work work

Last week I was in Salon Seurahuone with my friend because of school. We both are in business-class so this was part of that. Our day was about 5 hours long and I feel like all we did was sitting and eating! There was lunch buffet full of food: salad, bread, tuna, watermelon etc. The food was amazing and ofcourse it was nice to eat for free. For food there was two choices: french onion soup and chicken-chorizo paella. I took french onion soup because the smell of it was amazing. It was the first time when I ate onion soup but also the first time I ate something without meat! But it was also really delicious! The staff was also really nice and I felt like I was part of the family because it is family business. The lunch costs about 10 euros but you can eat as much as you want. If you ever visit in Salo, I recommend to visit in this place!

November 14, 2017


I haven't written my blog for almost six months because I have been so busy with school and everything! A lot of things have happened during this time like for example I got my driving licence and I was in my first matriculation examination. I think it's good that I have had a little break with my blog because right now I have so many new post ideas to write! But because I have had this huge break, I want to tell you what has happened and is happening with my life right now. I'm so excited because I'm going to this huge business.event in two weeks with my friend which is called Slush and one ticket costed 600 euros! I'm so glad that I didn't have to pay that much only my train ticket. I was also in pneumonia for almost two weeks and I didn't have no energy to do anything except sleep and eat. But right now I'm feeling good and healthy though my sister also had pneumonia a week ago but she's finally recovering from it. My godchild has also started to walk during this time and her little sister has started to crawl. They are s cute but I feel like they just keep growing too fast! This friday I'm going to watch fireworks, bowling and shopping with my friends.

 By the way am I the only who is listening christmas songs already? I can't wait to start listening Justin Bieber's christmas album! What is your favorite christmas song?