January 19, 2018

January favorites

I have never done a post like this but I have seen other bloggers doing these and I have always wanted to try this! If I get really excited about doing these kinds of posts, I could start doing these for every month. All the pictures that I use in this post are from Weheartit. I can't wait to show you my this month's favorites. I would love if you could comment down below what are your favorite things of January and if any of these that I mention here are your favorites!
Ashley Tisdale's Beach Goddess
My sister bought this palette for me as a Christmas present and I love it! I use it literally everyday because it is easy to create a beautiful eye makeup using only one palette. You can create multiple looks with this palette and if you love warm colours, this one is for you. My sister bought it from Cocopanda.fi and it only costed 11 euros.

Riverdale has become one of my favorite tv-series at this moment. It's full of romance, drama and action. I love all the actors and the characters that they play because you can relate to each one of them somehow. I believe that Riverdale has everything for everyone because the characters are unique and each one of them have their own story to tell which you can relate to. Unfortunately there's only two seasons of Riverdale and the second one isn't yet released entirely. If you love mystery and romance, you will love this show! 

Rebecca Louise
Rebecca Louise is one of my life-savers. I don't know where I would be without her because she is the reason why I started exercising and the reason why I love to exercise these days! I'm broud of my body because of her and doing her workouts three times a week has really helped me to see my body toning. She has a Youtube channel Rlhealthy. It is full of everything from cardio to calming yoga. She helps you to keep going and will motivate from the beginning of the workout to the end of the workout. If you want to do a exercise that is fun and full of different kinds of exercises and also effective go check her channel!
Rita Ora
Rita Ora is one of my favorite artists. Her songs are mainly pop and she sings songs which rhytmn you can dance. I love her new songs: Anywhere, For You, Your Song and Lonely Together. To be honest I never really liked Rita Ora or her old music because it was R&B but I have been in love with every song she has released.

January 15, 2018

New Year, New Me

New year, new me! I'm so happy to finally write my blog. It's been so busy because this is my last year at upper secondary school and soon it's time for matriculation examination. I can't believe how fast time has flown because there's only two weeks left of school! About one month from now I'm dressing for Little Red Riding Hood with my friends for school and throwing candy to children. I'm also going to travel to Estonia for the first time! It's so nice to healthy again because I was sick for one week and had go to doctor. I'm going to Greece this summer so I want to be in good shape ( always saying this! ). My goals for this year is just to be more present and more positive. I always want to make each year better than the previous and always try to learn new things. This year is about loving myself and making myself happy!  

I'm curious to know if you have made any New Year promises for this year?

November 29, 2017


In The Name Of Love

All I can say is that my last weekend was full of love and lovely people! I have already bought some christmas presents for my friends even there's 25 days till christmas! On Friday me, my sister and my mother went to eat this lovely cafe called Design Hill. It's a place in Halikko where they sell all these finnish products from Marimekko to Iittala. There's also a little cafe where they sell salads, drinks and lots of different cakes. I really recommend to visit there! In that day we also invited my grandpa and granny for dinner because we wanted to spoil them! We made fruit salad, self-made potatoes and chicken with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and parma ham. For desert there was a self-made glogg cake which was delicious.
On Saturday I also had pre-Christmas party with my relatives. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of  Christmas food because I don't eat ham, rosolli salad and all those different stews. I got to see my lovely godchild and her little sister and they were so cute! I just love their laugh and smile because children's actions are always real. I hope that everyone's December is also full of love and laughter!