March 17, 2017

Welcome To My Room 
I can't believe that there is only 17 days until I'm 18 years old! Today's post will have lots of photos because I like to think that pictures tell more than a words. I wanted to show you my room ( because I love it so much!) and take you for a visit to my room, which was made just about 3 years ago because my family wanted to decorate the whole home.
Carpet makes room much more comfortable and it unites little pieces together. My carpet is white & it is really soft. White carpet has good and bad sides that I think everyone knows. Good sides are that it is really beautiful, elegant and it really fits for almost any decoration but bad thing is that you have to be really careful that you don't pour anything on it for example juice.
I love fashion magazines and I have them in my room so everyone can see them when they walk in and get to know the things that I like. One thing that I also like is to have black and white pictures of my loved ones like for example my godchild and best friends. To add colour to my room I have fake pink flowers and vanilla scent to add lovely smell to my room.


As you can see in these pictures, I love black and white decoration. There is no bright colours in my room because my former room was really messy and colourful so this is nice changing from that. If something doesn't fit to my room then I'm not happy. My room is not too small or too big for me, it's perfect for me to be honest.

Different candles on top of table

Audrey Hepburn's & Marilyn Monroe's board
If you haven't noticed By now that I'm really am huge Marilyn Monroe fan. I just love black and white pictures, quotes and Marilyn Monroe because those are so stylish. I have at least 7 pictures in my room about Marilyn Monroe & I also made a pillow in school where was her picture. This is my favorite part of my room because it is so unique and different.

My favorite pillows

My room walls are white except one if you haven't noticed. It has a black and white picture of  New York, which is my favorite city in the whole world. I just love it so much because it brings my room something unique and everytime when someone or even I walk in to my room, I notice it first. I love to have lot of pillows at the top of my bed because they bring something beautiful and interesting details to my room. I have also made one pillow by myself which was Marilyn Monroe pillow because I'm literally obsessed with her.

Ceiling lamp

My curtains are white transparent fabric, which I love. My floor is brown grey, so it really fits my room very well because I'm really strict about decorating my room. My table is white and it has storage space for my make up products, my diary etc. I also own lot of jewellerys so that's why I have own place for those. I hope you liked this post and what was the thing in my room that you liked the most?

March 3, 2017


 My Princess Day 
Two weeks ago, I had my high school's prom because me and my friends became the oldest students in our high school. In Finland our prom day is called as "Wanhat". Plenty months of planning and lot of money were spent to look like a princess for a day. But it was worth it. It was a lovely day and I made so many great memories with the people I will never forget.
At first I woke up at 6:00AM to get my hair and makeup done. It took about over 1 hour. When me and my sister finally were done, we went to our school to dance couple dances to our school's pupils and teachers. Then me and my friends went to our schools to find our old teachers. We had 2 dance shows during that day: 12:00AM and 18:00PM. When clock was 14:30PM, me and my 12 friends went to eat to a Mexican restaurant, Antonio. I eated chicken salad and it was delicious! Me and my friends danced a lot during that day and after when our dance was over, we went to our school's after party. It was really fun and we danced the whole night until clock was 2:30PM.

I will never forget this day with my loved ones. I'm sad that my best friend weren't here to dance with us because she is in France as exchange student. But I'm so happy for her because she is enjoying her live to the fullest like everyone should. I really recommend everyone to participate to prom if you are at high school. Are you planning to dance Wanhat or have you already danced?

October 3, 2016

My October Playlist

I love to listen to music especially when I want to just relax and stop for a minute. My dad plays in a rock band which is the reason why I listen to everything from pop to heavy metal. I wouldn't call myself as a biggest fan of rock music but sometimes I think that those songs are so good like for example Ghost's Square Hammer. But for now I love to listen pop music and I have fallen in love with Glee and all the songs they sing in it.
  • Niall Horan- This Town
  • Shawn Mendes- Mercy
  • Justin Bieber- Let Me Love You
  • The Weeknd- Starboy ft. Daft Punk
  • Glee- Without You 
  • OneRepublic- Kids
  • Bryan Adams- Summer Of '69
  • Ellie Goulding- Still Falling For You
  • Enrique Iglesias- Loco
  • Ross Copperman- Hunger
I would love to hear what are your favorite songs right now and which song is the best one from my playlist?