March 20, 2018


On the loose

I'm in love with Niall Horan's new song and it describes perfectly how I feel right now. Last weekend me and my girls had a birthday party and it was so much fun. I was just dancing and laughing. Today I had my last exam for matriculation examination which was a pain in ihe ass because it was swedish. But after that I went for a long and relaxing walk with my sister because my butt was hurting because of sitting for 6 hours! I also ate a piece of raspberry cake, made some popcorns and watched the newest episode of The Walking Dead. On this Thursday I'm going for my second job interview and I hope that I have a chance to get a summer job. This weekend I'm going to celebrate eveything that has happened during these stressful few weeks with my relatives and loved ones. I cannot believe that I'm turning 19 in two weeks! God I start to feel so old!



March 12, 2018

Worth it

Right now I'm having a stressful week because of the matriculation examination and moreover I also have to think which school I want to apply for after high school. I have three stark options where to apply: physiotherapist, english/ spanish translator or sign language translator. All of those options are in Turku which means that I would have to move there someday. Today I also did my first sales pitch and it went really good! In this semester I'm writing health education, english and swedish and hopefully I will graduate before this summer and get my graduation cap. This weekend I spent time with my cousin and godchild which was something that I needed right now! I have been reading books everyday for a month and total amount of books that I have to read is 18 books. Hopefully this is all worth it and wish me good luck for this trial!

March 5, 2018

Memorable Weekend

Two weeks ago I had the best time of my life with my friends. All we did was party because this is our senior year and last year together. We all were dressed as red riding hoods and threw candies to children. I feel like all we did was that we yelled our high school's name to everyone: " Salon lukio, Salon lukio!". It was so much fun! On that evening we also went to our school's party to dance and drink ofcourse!
Then the following day was the day what we all had been waiting for a long time: Abiristeily! That day was only meant for partying and drinking in Estonia. It was my first time in Estonia so I was really excited. We stayed at the Hotel Viru which was a really nice place. I really do recommend that place if you ever happen to visit in Estonia! There were 22 floors in that hotel and my room was in 13th floor and my sister's room was in 21th floor. The views from there was stunning! My friends and I went to sleep at 5:00am and woke up at 7:30am so we didn't really get our beauty sleep but it really was a night to remember!

Did you have Penkkarit or Wanhat this year? If so, I would love to hear from your day! What did you wear? Was it like you had imagined it or did something unexpected happen on that day?